Male Skarn Healer of Wee Jas
Scalc, Unit 32, Skarn Dominion

Bas, at 22 years of age, has been serving in the Dominion for a little over a year. Following the six months required military training (plus two more for In-Combat Healing), he was briefly stationed in his homeland on guard duty before being assigned to the Coromandel Initiative. He engaged in intense study of relevant mission documents, making him more knowledgeable on Coromandel than many higher-ranking soldiers.

Assigned to Unit 32, Bas is often the first to befriend new arrivals to the unit, and serves as a friendly balm to his Marshal’s brusque manner. Between his knowledge of the region and his swift but cautious movement in battle, he has proved competent in the few conflicts he has seen thus far.

Outside of combat, Bas’s excitable nature often gets the better of him. He has a fanatical respect for Content Not Found: Masgorn, a Dwarven mercenary in his company, after witnessing his astounding performance during a drinking contest at Jorin’s Waysation.

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