“The Mishtai were an ancient race of humanoids forever seeking perfection of form. One day, they achieved it, and built for themselves a suitably perfect land named Mishtoran. While they dwelt in this haven, floating high in the sky, they created two offshoot races: the spine-armed Skarn, and the dragonscaled Rilkan. So long as these brother-races lived in perfect order, Mishtoran persisted without incident.”
—origin legend of the Skarn and Rilkan

The Mishtai are the ancient and mysterious progenitor race of the Skarn and Rilkan. Exceptionally little is known about them, and the Skarn and Rilkan both claim the Mishtai have been absent from this world for over 300 years.

Racial conflict

According to legend, the Skarn and Rilkan were exiled from Mishtoran by their progenitors in a conflict both races refuse to speak about. In this state, the two continued their argument: the Rilkan blamed the Skarn for severing a link the two races had to a valuable ancestral knowledge pool. The Skarn blamed the Rilkan for the imperfection that led to their exile. Most importantly, both races lost the fabled power of incarnum— the ability to shape ancestral Mishtai souls into solid form, granting formidable magical power.

In the centuries since, the Skarn abandoned Coromandel, the land they were exiled to, and traveled across the seas to a land they claimed as Skarn-Tain. There, they established the military empire that defines their society to this day: the Skarn Dominion. The Rilkan have remained in Coromandel, populating only the southwest region of the island and leaving the rest a wild land of unruly magic. While the Rilkan established their capital of Dashir-Tai, several tribes of native humanoids have laid claim to other regions of the island, barring passage to what few travelers pass through.

Mishtai legacy

Rilkan sages claim the existence of ancient Mishtai complexes scattered throughout the wilds of Coromandel, holding within them powerful incarnum relics. The existence of a similar complex in Avenshir Weald has been confirmed, though study of it has ceased since the arrival of Kenku and possibly fey in the Weald. There has been a sighting of another such complex deep in Carnett’s Grasp, though this sighting has yet to be corroborated. Whether these are the same Mishtai complexes the Rilkan speak of is unknown. Further impeding study is the presence within the complexes of impassable barriers and mechanisms unable to be interacted with by conventional mundane or magical means.

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