Male Skarn
Lieutenant Major, Skarn Dominion, Dashir-Tai

43 years old, Lieutenant Ogava is a man who immediately seems tired; he has served the Dominion for 12 years, participating in many battles and being the level-headed Skarn at the forefront of countless diplomatic encounters. As a Lieutenant, he has had the luxury of taking several “research vacations”: breaks from Dominion service to visit other cultures in the interest of gaining knowledge and fostering diplomatic relations. He has fared notably well in these expeditions.

He gained his position as leader of the occupying force at Dashir-Tai due to his illustrious career and, most notably, heading the diplomatic solution to the Inir blockade of Skarn-Tain in 305 AS. It is his unusual open-mindedness that led Seneschal Teruska to choose him as the new head of the Rilkan capital.

Lieutenant Ogava spends most of his days filing paperwork to send back to Skarn-tal, wondering why the Rilkan seem content with the situation in Dashir-Tai, and slowly realizing why they do.

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