“The Dominion thinks it controls Coromandel now. They don’t realize the land is as wild in spirit as we are.”
—Tarrenta Willet, Rilkan Bard

The Rilkan are one of two humanoid races descended from the ancient Mishtai (the other being the Skarn). Many consider them to be the daredevils and more carefree of the two. The Rilkan are a beautiful and charismatic people, known for their reverence of gold and song. They count many bards, merchants, and rogues among their number, and believe in drinking deep from the cup of life. They view the Skarn’s pursuit of “perfection of form” as a false idol, and believe that perfection is to be found in the journey, not the destination.

Rilkan physiology

Rilkan physiology is similar to that of humans, but differs in the reptilian scales found on Rilkan necks and forearms. They differ in hue from turquoise to sapphire to ruby. In males, the scales are a single solid color; in females, they are patterned and polychromatic. A Rilkan could easily pass for a human if these scales were concealed.

Rilkan society

Rilkan society is defined by the easygoing nature and love of life that characterizes Rilkan racial identity. Rilkan often form small villages and hamlets where every member contributes to the whole, and important decisions are made by virtue of majority opinion. Between this inclination and the Rilkan’s contentedness to remain in their wild homeland of Coromandel, only one major city has arisen in Rilkan civilization: the Coromandel capital of Dashir-Tai.

Rilkan that travel outside of Coromandel adapt easily to whatever society they find themselves in, adopting the traditions and even naming conventions of those around them. No civilized race has ever found itself harboring hatred against a Rilkan neighbor.

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