“Nothing’s perfect. But a Skarn is close.”
—Vol, Marshal of Unit 32, Skarn Dominion

The Skarn are one of two humanoid races descended from the ancient Mishtai (the other being the Rilkan). Many consider them to be the stodgier and more ordered of the two. The primary goal guiding every Skarn through life is the pursuit of “perfection of form”— in achieving this, they hope to reunite with their Mishtai progenitors and live once again in the perfect land of Mishtoran. The Mal-Skarn, societal and military leader of Skarn society, is to be the herald of this return; he serves as a perfect example for all Skarn to strive towards.

Skarn physiology

Skarn appear mostly human, but tend to be taller and more solidly built than most other humanoids. They average 6’4" in height and 240 pounds. Their most noticeable feature is the reptilian spines that project from their forearms, upper back, and rear of their calves. They grow to be 6 to 12 inches in length and range in color from turquoise and aquamarine in females to navy and sapphire in males. The spines can be laid flush against the skin with little effort, though proud Skarn nature makes this action highly unlikely.

Skarn society

To the Skarn, there is no difference between military life and mundane life; service in the Dominion is mandatory, and its ranks affect every aspect of Skarn society.

The Skarn are a proud race— some would say arrogant— and tend to rub most other races the wrong way. Their insular society and indifference (or even disdain) towards other “imperfect races” tends to quash diplomatic relations, though occasionally a particularly open-minded Skarn may find a position within the Dominion as an invaluable diplomatic aid. When this rare event occurs, the Dominion generally sees a period of improved extrasocietal relations, and trade with other nations prospers.

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