Male Skarn Fighter
Marshal, Unit 32, Skarn Dominion

Marshal of Unit 32, Vol is a man known primarily for his curt treatment of his soldiers. He is 31 years old, average Skarn height (6’4"), clean-shaven, and broad-chested. His care of his weapons and armor is impeccable, and he values efficiency and protocol above all else; he is a prime example of the Dominion’s mentality, and he knows it.

Though he rubs many the wrong way, he has seen enough combat in his nine years of duty to justify his demeanor. He served during the many-years campaign to cull the wilds surrounding the mountainous region of Gath, where he was noted for his combat stamina and promoted to Marshal of his Unit when he lead it to victory after the fall of the previous Marshal. After returning to Skarn-Tain, he was ever at the front of battle during recent “military disagreements” with the neighboring Kothari orcs.

His brusque manner with his soldiers is due to his desire for them to perform well. His treatment of mercenaries in his company, however, is due to his disdain for those of “imperfect races” being allowed to serve the Dominion in the Coromandel Initiative. Thankfully, his soldiers know Vol’s personality does an about-face when alcohol is involved, and try to get him drunk at Jorin’s Waystation every chance they get. He usually complies (with gusto).

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