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  • River Ishwyr

    From its source at [[Haplan's Demise]] down to [[Lake Ishwyr]], the River Ishwyr flows southwards, passing by the [[Wyr Stones]] near its foot. It serves mainly to separate the [[Krenshar Plains]] from the east coast of [[Coromandel]].

  • Lake Ishwyr

    Receiving its sole source waters from the [[River Ishwyr]], Lake Ishwyr supplies rivers all throughout southeast [[Coromandel]]. Most prominently, it supplies the River Terlen, emptying directly into the [[Bay of Terlen]], and Ishwyr's Foot, emptying into …

  • Wyr Stones

    _"They'd be real interesting but for the lunatics and beasts that are drawn to 'em. Damn things pop out at you from behind them."_ --overheard in a Rilkan tavern The Wyr …

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