Avenshir Weald

“You’re not too familiar with Coromandel, are you? There’s nothing normal here, this forest included. You’d be hard pressed to find a normal bear in Avenshir Weald, much less a forest full of them. Watch yourselves.”
—Dol, Skarn Ranger, scalc in Unit 32, Skarn Dominion

Avenshir Weald is a dense forest covering the seldom traveled area south and east of Lake Ishwyr. The branches of its trees weave together to block sunlight from reaching the forest floor. Despite this, thick undergrowth thrives throughout. All known descriptions of the Weald agree that everything within seems to be in an unnatural state of vivacity.

Travelers in the Weald often report the constant sense that something is moving at the edge of their field of vision, but when they look directly at anything, the forest seems still. They also report a constant low murmur filling the air— like voices, but without distinct words.


“I always heard they were just a rabble of birdmen under a fey, but it looks like they’re more organized than that.”
—Bas, scalc in Unit 32, Skarn Dominion

The denizens of Avenshir Weald are largely the subject of rumor and speculation. Coromandese have little reason to brave the Weald’s sun-forsaken paths, as it connects only the military port of Skarn-tal and the far east end of the Krenshar Plains, the latter of which is not known to hold anything of interest.

Those few explorers who have entered the Weald and returned alive have reported monstrously large spiders and bizarre baboon-faced wasps wandering within. A few reports of “average” forest animals exist, though they bear notable differences from the mundane— glowing azure eyes and a staunch unwillingness to be calmed. There are also occasional sightings of fey within the Weald, but none have been corroborated.

In recent years, there have been reports of Kenku raiding parties emerging from the Weald, corroborated in the past two months by Skarn Dominion forces guarding supply caravans from Skarn-tal to Dashir-Tai. Before the Dominion’s arrival, the raiding parties largely targeted small Rilkan farms just across the River Terlen to the northwest.

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Avenshir Weald

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